Refund Policy

Payments & Refunds

The following policy applies to all purchases:

Our refund policy is to return 100% of your last payment made by you if requested within 30 days of the purchase -  all other refunds will be at our discretion and must first take into account any exemptions listed below.

Refund Exemptions

Cross-border Fees: if your credit card is based outside the UK, your credit card provider (or bank) may apply an additional "foreign transaction fee" (exact behaviour varies from provider to provider). These additional charges are usually due to international fund transfers facilitated by the Payment Service Provider cannot be refunded, typically USD$0.45. 

Bank Conversion Fees: If our Payment Service Provider doesn’t support your currency, then the charge will be converted into US Dollars by your bank, and your bank may add an additional fee that you could have to pay to the bank directly. 

Taxes: Where possible, taxes will be calculated based on the customers country of purchase. 

For more information on these charges, please refer to our Payment Service Provider page.